How is SUN YOGA different from other yoga studios?

At SUN YOGA Sivananda Yoga studio, we believe that Asanas and Pranayama are not the end.

Swami Sivananda said, that they are only steps which help aspirants to ascend the spiritual ladder and to remove the tamasic and rajasic nature of the body and mind. They ultimately help the practitioner to sit for meditation. Hatha Yoga is not just a physical process for maintaining good health. It enables you to tap the infinite power lying latent within you.

It is our goal to teach all aspects of yoga-

Raja Yoga- through Asana, Pranyama and Meditation classes- with the goal to prepare the physical body to sit for meditation.

Bhakti Yoga- through monthly Satsang and Kirtan events.

Karma Yoga- through $5 classes, free/charity events.

Jnana Yoga- through Vedanta lectures, Yoga philosophy workshops and Meditation classes.

-SUN YOGA is Edmonton's only SIVANANDA YOGA studio. This style of yoga has not been modified or watered down. The teachings have survived intact and are practiced as originally presented in India by Swami Sivananda in 1936 and brought to the West by Swami Vishnu devananda in the 60s'.

-All our yoga teachers are TTC (Teachers Training Course) graduates from Sivananda Institutions across the world, and bring to you many years of experience in teaching yoga. They all feel blessed in passing on this knowledge in a simple and selfless manner.

-Sivananda Yoga follows a set sequence of asanas with the idea that the mind becomes meditative when its not expecting anything new or different.

- We offer few classes but the learning in each class is complete and profound! Instructors are hand picked after careful analysis of their yoga practice, which helps in maintaining the standards of teaching at SUN YOGA.

- SUN YOGA offers instruction for all ages, in small groups (up to 20 students) for beginners and the experienced students. The beauty in keeping the class size small, is that each yogi is able to do yoga poses according to their own abilities.

In every class, option for doing advanced variations of a pose is given to experienced students while the beginner or intermediate can do the basic asana/pose. Therefore, the need for beginner and/or advanced level classes is not felt by the students. Everyone feels both safe and challenged in our classes!  

-These are NOT Hot Yoga classes. Asanas are done at room temperature. Classical yoga believes in using the natural body heat which is generated during asanas and breathing, to relax and make the muscles flexible. 


To learn more about us, please contact us, or better yet, try a class! Please check the class schedule to see which class and time works for you.