“So happy I chose Sun Yoga. The owner/teacher is so welcoming, knowledgeable and helpful. The studio is so lovely and homey.”

September 2019- Sarah

“I have never been a yoga person. I have taken many classes, at various places. I always felt like I couldn't do the positions correctly, like I was catching up, and I didn't feel the positive effects on my mind and body. That is, until I attended a class at SUN YOGA. I really appreciate the way every movement and position and change in position is explained. I learned the importance of breath, and where all the positions come from and why we do them, and how to do them correctly for the most positive effects. I attend the mom and baby class and have noticed progress in myself. Manisha is an incredibly kind and patient teacher. I look forward to the weekly classes.”

July, 2019- Christina, a regular student at Yoga for New Moms class.

“Walking into Sun Yoga feels like being wrapped in a soft, warm soul blanket.”

July 2019- Jani, a Yoga Nidra student

“They have yoga, meditation and other types of events. Beautifully decorated and clean location with really great energy. Highly recommend this place. The owner is a ridiculously lovely lady.”

April, 2019- Reannin, who attended a lecture series.

“I have been attending Sun Yoga (off and on) for 3 years. Manisha is so welcoming and was eager to start a Mom & Baby class when I approached her with the idea. It is something I look forward to every week to meet up with other moms, have the babies in an activity with you and of course to get some much needed yoga.”

April, 2019- Danica, Yoga for New Moms student

“I went to the Day of Intention workshop this past weekend with Neeru Prashar Yogaat Sun Yoga. It was absolutely wonderful. The studio is really well set up, a very welcoming place. Neeru teaches traditional yoga and is so full of knowledge and expertise. As a yoga teacher myself, I'm so happy to have found a studio and teachers that teach yoga as a holistic practice and lifestyle. I'll go back to Sun Yoga for sure.”

January 2019- Sandy, who attended a workshop at the studio.

”The true traditional yoga house. Manisha is such a beautiful being, I love this place.”

December, 2018. -Anna

“My husband and I went to sun yoga's day at the ashram program. We had a good overview of the philosophy, lifestyle and a variety of exercises. For us who have had limited exposure to this it was a good educational experience. The program was well run. Would recommend it.”

October 2018- Gulnar, who attended a workshop at the studio.

“I am so grateful to have found this studio and a Sivananda yoga community here in Edmonton. The Day at an Ashram retreat was peaceful yet enriching and energizing. Manisha is warm and welcoming. Sylvie is such a great teacher and so knowledgeable. I look forward to many more classes, workshops, and retreats in the future. OM”

October 17, 2018- Alycia

“Sun Yoga is ideal for beginners and more advanced students alike. Manisha is an excellent and knowledgeable instructor who provides a calm and safe environment in which to practice the yoga exercises, breathing techniques, and meditation.
Classes are always enjoyable and inspiring, and I'd recommend them to anyone who is looking for a healthy body and peace of mind.”

November, 2018- Susan, a Gentle Yoga student

"Being a beginner to yoga, I was made to feel very comfortable. I was guided and challenged, which left me feeling great by the end of class. Highly recommend!"

October, 2018 -Jenn

"I LOVE Sun Yoga! Manisha is a fantastic teacher. Her gentle guidance has really helped to deepen my yoga practice."

2017- Carla

“Manisha is an experienced, dedicated teacher. Her classes focus on each student's individual needs and follow a traditional Hatha Yoga sequence. Try her classes, you will not be disappointed!”

2017- Rebecca, a yoga teacher and a student.

“It's a wonderful experience for me. Our yoga teacher's step by step approach to various Asanas was very helpful in maintaining and learning different postures the right way . Especially it's proven to be beneficial in keeping my lower back strong.”

2017- Mala, a friend and a student.

“I have always had an excellent experience when I've gone to Sun Yoga! I love the relaxed atmosphere and the focus on breath is my favorite part.”

2017- Stacey


"Love Sun yoga for the small classes with individual attention. Manisha goes to the minutes details in guiding you to do understand and do the pose correctly. Also a very pure, non-commercial environment that really helps to calm down and effective way of teaching on how to focus on breath. I personally feel that yoga should not be done by artificially raising the room temperature to 39 degrees and I like it way more when its a normal room temperature instead of struggling with heat all the time. Go for it--try it. I am happy I did!!!"

2017- Puja


"Absolutely most beneficial yoga throughout Edmonton. Traditional Hatha yoga taught by certified instructors who take the time to critique and help classmates to get the best results from positioning to breathing, to meditation. Each position has its physiological benefits, and instructors take the time to explain why each pose helps with digestion, cleansing and when in the day is a good time to practice them. I have witnessed and have participated in other classes where instructors race through poses, and encourage people to do poses that will cause future damage to ones spine or other physical derailments. Each pose has its rhythm and purpose and simple things like having the instructor walk out of a class during the meditative portion is crazy!!! Instructors leave no room for the body to absorb the energy that it just created for past 45 min, and instead they will walk out and say " see you next class, u r on your own to rest and meditate." Therefore people will then pack up and leave, while disturbing others on the way out. These instructors are polar opposite, as meditating in between poses has its purpose and benefits!!! Check it out, you will be surprised when you realize what you've been missing. From losing weight without changing anything, due to the sequential rhythm of poses, to learning how to mentally breath deeper into poses- you will be surprised that all this time you've been missing out on the one secret gem in the city that had been here all along. Check it out to believe what I'm talking about!!!!!!"

2016- Wanda


"Sun Yoga is great! Manisha is a wonderful teacher. She is knowledgeable, patient, and really challenges each student individually to reach their full potential. I especially like the way she focuses on the breath. I would highly recommend Sun Yoga to anyone wishing to try yoga. I feel great after attending their classes!"

2016- Russell, a blind yoga student!