Meet Our Yoga Teachers

May all the SUN YOGA teachers bring forth the true message of yoga with full power,authenticity and humility.

Manisha Mehta (Owner, Teacher) 

Manisha - Sun Yoga Instructor Edmonton

May 2013 was a turning point in my life! My desire to be a yoga teacher took me to Sivananda Yoga Farm in Grass Valley, California where I received training in a gurukulum setting, under the esteemed yoga gurus of Sivananda lineage. I had found my calling! Having education background in Pharmacy and MBA did not give that much satisfaction as being a yoga teacher did!

In August 2013, SUN YOGA studio was founded! Since then, sharing the knowledge of yoga with people who have been coming to the studio has meant the world to me! Every class reminds me that I am only an instrument of the cosmic being, and fills my heart with gratitude for the opportunity to serve in His grand plan for evolution of the world through yoga. Every student on the mat, gives me an opportunity to see that one thread running through all of us and teaches me real Yoga.


Sylvie Boisclair

IMG_1354 (1).JPG

Sylvie, doing yoga at the beautiful yoga deck at Sivananda Yoga Centre in Bahamas


Sylvie accumulates 35 years of research, practice and teaching movement arts. She is a dynamic movement arts teacher, who draws her unique ability to teach thoroughly and precisely from her background as a classically trained ballet teacher and dancer.  Sylvie's yoga journey is deeply rooted in the ashrams' way of life as she spent years teaching and being a student at Sivananda ashrams. People have commented that her classes are infused with grace, precision and agility. She possesses a profound understanding of the workings of the human mind and body which allows her to empower her students to work their own miracles on and off the mat. More info here:

Sylvie instructing how to do Head Stand correctly and safely!    At Sivananda Ashram, Bahamas.

Sylvie instructing how to do Head Stand correctly and safely!

At Sivananda Ashram, Bahamas.

Alycia Ho


My passion is using yoga as a holistic therapy to help people achieve the ultimate mental and physical heath. While I enjoy practicing and teaching all types of asana classes, I especially love a gentle vinyasa hatha class for its grounding and calming qualities. The physical yoga practice to me it's like a slow meditative dance to the rhythm of breath. I design my classes with the balance of Sthira and Sukha: steadiness and ease, and incorporate pranayama and mantra to create the best overall experience. 

Since completing my 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training, my desire to seek has led to complete number of specialty training such Yin Yoga and Mindfulness with Aman Rai, Learn to Teach Meditation with Mandy Trapp, Pre-natal Yoga with Corrine McNally and Advance Alignment and Sequencing with Denise Currie. Yoga is truly a gift. With that, I am here to serve by transferring this amazing gift forward. 


Neeru P.

Neeru is an Accrediated Yoga Instructor and registered with Council for Yoga Accrediation International (CYAI) . She had the opportunity to learn under different teachers while growing up in India. Yoga was a way of life and most of the practices were learnt just growing up in that environment. 

In spite of having a degree in Business and Masters in Economics her passion to share  ancient wisdom of Yoga took her to Kaivalyadhama,(India) where she had the opportunity to study under experienced teachers. The training enabled her to offer traditional yoga classes rooted in the modern science. Yoga is a part of her life for more than 25 years now and she has a special interest in  Pranayama, Meditation and the Philosophy of Yoga and its scientific relevance She loves singing bhajans which she started at the age of 6 and likes to bring  all aspects of yoga in her classes and workshops.Her classes weave Philosophy of Patanjali and Hatha yoga that are accessible for any age and level of practitioner.

She teaches public and private classes at various locations in Edmonton and offers her classes to Adults, Seniors, Bridging the Gap groups, High Risk Youth and Parkinson's patients.

She considers herself a student for lifetime and continues to learn under her teachers. She is currently learning Vedanta (Non Dualistic philosophy (Advaita) with her teacher.


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